Google’s 20th employee, Marissa Mayer, joined Yahoo as its CEO and president in July. It seemed almost inevitable that she would begin poaching employees from her former employer to start building the new Yahoo. Over the past few weeks, Mayer has already poached employees and this weekend marks yet another. Announced on Twitter, former Google Product Marketing Manager Andrew Schulte has joined Yahoo as its chief of staff—certainly a nice promotion. Schulte joined Google in 2007 in the ad sales sector.

In early August, Mayer recruited her first Google employee. Google’s Anne Espiritu left to work in the PR department of Yahoo.

Mayer is left with the tough task of pulling Yahoo out of the dire situation it has been in for years. The Wall Street Journal had a great piece last week profiling the changes Mayer has already made, including a focus on products (much like Google). [Twitter via Business Insider]

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