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Everyone finds a holiday angle during this time of year, and after launching 18 new features, dubbed as “treats” wrapped together “in one holiday package,” Google+ is one of the many.

On the mobile side, according to the official Gplusproject blog, Google+ announced it added new Android features that include on-the-go profile editing
, streamlined ways to author content, a notice when there’s new content to read, and the ability to subscribe to mobile notifications from favorite circles and interact with Google+ Communities. Google+ also launched full-sized backups of photos, with up to 5GB free (turn on Instant Upload to start), and photospheres now appear in the mobile stream (Android 4.2 required to snap 360-degree panoramas, but Froyo or later users can enjoy them now).

As for connecting, Google+ pushed out extra features to make event planning easier that include the ability to message specific guests, view opened invitations, and invite people through Google+ by sending an event URL via email or IM. Guests can also now RSVP with the number of people they want to bring, and a new duplication feature allows event makers to copy their original event as Google+ pulls all the important details.

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Hangouts also got a new feature. Google+ said it’s now making it possible to connect with friends despite extremely low-bandwidth. Only 150 KB of bandwidth is now necessary to start a hangout.

Finally yet importantly—stocking stuffers: Google+ is giving folks animated GIFs on Android, birthday reminders in Google Now, and a new lock screen widget. Check Google Play today to get the latest version of the Google+ app, while Google Vice President of Engineering Dave Besbris noted all the other “presents” will arrive in the next day or so.

“So much better than a Google+ Christmas sweater or fruitcake, right? ” he added.

Get more details at the official Gplusproject blog, while additional information on the iOS app update is at 9to5Mac.

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