YouTube plans to permanently halt 18-month-old YouTube Create tomorrow.

The third-party application essentially ran in an HTML iframe on YouTube, as Google described when Create launched in 2011, and the user would create a video and uploaded it to YouTube with the application.

However, according to GigaOM, YouTube Create “never got all that much traction,” and so Google will shut down the service on Jan 31.

Apps featured on Create will still be able to make use of the YouTube API after that date, which allows them to essentially operate as external third-party video editors for the site, complete with an option to upload edited videos directly to YouTube. Only, they’re not going to be featured on YouTube anymore, and there’s no iframe integration either – and that irks some if the existing Create partners. “We think it’s a pity that the program is ending, as it provided YouTube users with a variety of easy-to-find options for video creation and production,” WeVideo Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mark Floisand told me via email.

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