HTC has teased its Feb. 19 press event and what’s coming during it all week, and now the company has dropped an even bigger hint: Canon lenses.

While yesterday’s iris tweet from HTC seemed to indicate an incredible 1080p display or camera is on the way, this morning’s tweet is more verification that it plans to launch lens add-ons instead. Not just any lenses, though…Canon lenses.


Although not confirmed, HTC may launch the lenses for its M7/One smartphone rumored to début at Tuesday’s event. The lens attachments would essentially turn the handset into a DSLR.

In related news: Another leaked press image of a HTC One device —codenamed “M7”— popped up this morning dressed in black. The black version looks identical to the previously leaked silvery-white edition in terms of hardware and UI.

Rumors suggest the M7, pegged as HTC’s flagship device running a 5-inch 1080p display similar to the Droid DNA, will include a 13-megapixel camera and quad-core processor and cost $300 for the 64GB capacity and $200 for 32GB.

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