Google’s Tom Chi, who spent a couple of years building the user-experience team for the Google X division, gave a TED Talk recently, where he notably discussed rapid prototyping Google Glass.

Chi revealed how Google X developed a prototype for Google Glass in just one day and then prototyped projections for it in roughly 45 minutes.

9to5Google first suggested Google used rapid prototyping when it snagged Richard DeVaul, a scientist from MIT with a focus on building wearable technologies, from Apple in 2011 for “rapid idea evaluation and prototyping” new projects.

Chi stressed that rapid prototyping is not just useful to scientists, because poets, artists, and musicians can also use the method to share an idea and build an instant framework.

Check out the above video to hear how Chi and his team prototyped projections for Google Glass. Hint: It involved binder clips, hairbands, a white board, and chopsticks.

via: Business Insider

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