Microsoft, during its first direct suit against Google over patent infringements, has asked a Munich regional court to ban Google Maps in Germany, and the software giant could soon get its wish.

Microsoft alleged at a hearing on Thursday that Google infringed upon one of its patents, and, although another German court could rule that the patent is invalid, the regional court’s presiding judge insinuated he’s “leaning towards Microsoft’s arguments about Google’s infringement in this case,” according to a report by Fox Business

The judge also indicated a temporary ban on the Google Maps app might be “inappropriate” if Google could prove that it would permanently and negatively affect the company, but Google’s lawyer said it is “difficult to quantify the possible damage” of a ban. He also said it could have “significant consequences”—even if it’s later lifted.

Multimap, a company that Microsoft acquired in 2007, first filed the patent in question nearly 20 years ago. The patent describes a computer system that identifies and displays local information for points of interest.

The court’s spokeswoman apparently noted the trial is “the climax to date in the so-called smartphone war.”

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