Web visits from devices running Android 4.3  – an as yet unannounced version – have been showing up at various Android-related sites, including – suggesting a possible launch at the Google I/O developer’s conference on May 15-17.

The Mountain View location (Google’s HQ) and Android Authority logs revealing that most of the devices running 4.3 were Nexus devices do tend to suggest the profiles are genuine …


Naturally, user agent profiles can always be faked, but why would anyone go through all that trouble just to try to fool a few tech websites and their readers.

Similarly, we have spotted Android 4.2.2 and Android 4.2 builds in our server logs ahead of their respective launches, so it would make sense to see traces of Google’s next Android versions appear with just a few weeks to go until Google I/O kicks off.

Google’s next major Android release, 5.0, is rumored to be called Key Lime Pie – the latest in Google’s dessert-based names. Although it has been suggested this might be launched at Google I/O, the server logs tend to suggest otherwise.

Infographic: Kinvey

Infographic: Kinvey

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