HTC appears to be in somewhat of a tailspin at present, with The Verge noting that five senior employees have left the company recently, while Gizmodo spotted a tweet from former product strategy manager Eric Lin in which he suggested that his former colleagues would be “much happier” if they followed his example …


Senior staff in Seattle are reportedly unhappy that CMO Ben Ho has been pulling decision-making back to HTC’s global HQ in Taiwan. Other departures are Chief Product Officer Kouji Kodera; VP of global communications Jason Gordon; global retail marketing manager Rebecca Rowland; and director of digital marketing John Starkweather.

While HTC’s top-of-the-range handset the HTC One has received generally excellent reviews (including our own), a production delay that saw it launched after Samsung’s S4 has seen it struggling to compete. This on top of a year-on-year profit plunge of 98%. One can well imagine that the company is not an especially happy place to work just at the moment.

We can also see a fair bit of Twitter fun resulting …


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