Advertising Age reports on a clever mobile ad campaign by LG, in which browser identifiers are used to display an ad targeted directly at the handset being used.

To promote the brand’s G2 smartphone, [ad agency M&C Saatchi] created a series of banners that recognized — and responded snarkily — to the competitor phones on which they appeared.

In the example above, the ad seen by owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 promotes the faster processor speed of the LG G2. See the HTC and Apple versions below … 


The ad displayed to HTC One owners focuses on battery-life:


While that shown to iPhone owners points to the larger screen size of the G2:


It’s not known how widely the campaign will be rolled out (it’s being run in Sweden at present), but it’ll be interesting to see whether the technique catches on.

I can definitely see potential for it, but that potential includes the possibility of annoying those who’ve just splashed out on their shiny new handset and aren’t looking for a competitor to diss their choice. Still, it can’t be as bad as LG’s G2 launch event in Korea …

Via Engadget

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