We’ve been seeing more and more leaks for the now confirmed LG G Flex smartphone, which will be the company’s first to sport a top-to-bottom curved display and compete with Samsung’s upcoming curved Galaxy Round device. Today we get perhaps our best look at the device with Argentinian news site Telefe Noticias posting a hands on video with the device and TheVerge obtaining a few high quality shots from the publication.

A few hardware features confirmed from the hands-on: The display apparently measures 6-inches diagonally, while the device also features buttons mounted on the rear of the device like’s LG’s new flagship G2.

The device is expected to launch in South Korea in the coming weeks, but there’s no word on availability for the rest of the world. LG hasn’t confirmed that the device in the video above is the real deal, telling TheVerge it’s “unsure of the device’s veracity and would have to contact the company’s Argentinian office to confirm if it is “the real thing.” Head below for more high quality images:

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