Autoawesome fans take note as Google staff software engineer Erik Murphy-Chutorian just dropped word on Google+ that two new features are rolling out for the holidays.

Two new kinds of #AutoAwesome: Twinkle and Snow

Just in time for the holidays, we’re rolling out two new ways to make your Google+ photos more awesome, automatically:

1) Twinkle: upload a new photo of something that sparkles (like a Christmas tree or a chandelier), and we’ll gift you a version with lights that actually twinkle.

2) Snow: upload a new photo with snow to Google+, and we’ll gift you a version with snow that’s actually falling.

In both cases, you’ll get a notification when your #AutoAwesome image is ready. We hope these features help you celebrate the ‘wonder’ in winter wonderland! #googleplusupdate

Sure, their gimmicky and all that, but it’s just one more addition to autoawesome as Google continues to positions itself as the go-to for photo uploads.


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