Samsung is keeping the Phablet life going single-handedly as they confirm shipment of 10 million Galaxy Note 3 units around the world. While those numbers don’t make the Galaxy Note 3 the fastest selling Galaxy device ever, it’s the fastest selling Galaxy Note.

The original Galaxy Note took around 9 months to reach the same 10 million number with the Galaxy Note 2 reaching the same number in four months. Samsung released the device in late September and now appears in more than 50 countries around the world.

We all joke about how much we hate the name “Phablet” lately, but the simple point is that larger is currently better in the market and there is no stopping the Galaxy Note train. At this point, one can only expect that the next-generation Galaxy Note 4 will inevitably release next year and surpass the sales records of the Note 3 and so on and so on.


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