Oh Canada as the country’s Competition Bureau is targeting Google with a formal inquiry. Our neighbors to the north are eyeballing el Goog over concern the company is abusing its position as the worlds most dominant search engine.

The Bureau filed papers earlier this week with the Federal Court of Canada requesting records from Google Canada that look at various aspects of the company’s search and advertising business. The country is looking to investigate alleged anti-competitive behavior by the search engine giant.

According to the filing, the Competition Commissioner of Canada believes Google controls one or more markets as it relates to internet search and advertising services in Canada. Moreover, the CCC suggests Google may have engaged in a number of anti-competitive acts that would violate Canadian law.

The Bureau believes Google has dealt with hardware makers software vendors to become the default search engine in third-party services that may amount to anti-competitive behavior. In other words, Google is being accused of lessening competition in the search engine market in Canada. Realistically, who else was going to rule Canada? Bing?

via Financial Post


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