Rumors of Nokia’s fabled-Android device persist and with a new leak the rumor mill will continue to spark. Courtesy of WPDang, the Nokia Normandy looks to run a “forked” version of Android which likely means no direct access to the Play Store. Ultimately, that doesn’t surprise us given that the potential for a Google-approved Nokia device seems like a crap shoot in a post-Microsoft acquisition world.

The device looks to be in the same categories as Nokia’s Asha line of products running their Series 40 software. The question still lingers as to whether we will ever see these devices hit store shelves, even if it’s in smaller third-world markets where low-cost handsets are more likely to succeed.

Still, I’ll forever believe that a Nokia-Android pair up would have been enough to mount a serious challenge to Samsung as the dominant OEM. Imagine a world where Android software is paired with the Lumia 1020 camera? That’s the kind of world I would love to see.

via WPCentral


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