Intel is about to introduce new “Dual OS” devices in partnership with PC manufacturers that will boot both Android and Windows during its appearance at CES next week, according to a new report from TheVerge. Android will apparently run in virtualization software within Windows, allowing users to use apps from both operating systems side by side:

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Sources close to the matter tell The Verge that Intel is behind the idea, and that the chipmaker is working with PC manufacturers on a number of new devices that could be announced at the show. Internally known as “Dual OS,” Intel’s idea is that Android would run inside of Windows using virtualization techniques, so you could have Android and Windows apps side by side without rebooting your machine.

It’s not an entirely new concept. Samsung introduced the Ativ Q windows laptop in June with the ability to launch virtual Android through an app dubbed Dual OS. The report notes that Asus also recently filed a document with the FCC mentioning dual OS capabilities. While there have been some devices and solutions for running Android apps on Windows, such as Bluestacks, the concept hasn’t picked up much steam among mainstream consumers and hasn’t been an entirely smooth experience. The experience of running Android apps through virtualization software on Windows has been improving a lot in recent years, but the category isn’t exactly something we expect Microsoft or Google to get behind anytime soon. We’ll have to wait until CES next week to see if hybrid, dual OS machines get any traction this year.

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