We’ve seen Google Glass be adopted in places such as operating rooms, football fields, basketball courts, and by the New York City Police Department. But this latest use case pushes the boundaries of Glass to an entirely new level. According to a new report out of VentureBeat, the U.S. Air Force’s “BATMAN” research team is currently beta-testing the use of Glass on the battle field at its Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. 

According to the report, one of the things the research team likes the most is the ability for the device to “access information very quickly.” Other things the team is fond of “are its low power, its low footprint, it sits totally above the eyes, and doesn’t block images or hinder vision,”

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So far, however, Google Glass is “not a silver bullet for many of the Air Force’s needs.” For the BATMAN team, who obtained two pairs of Glass through the Explorer program, the end goal of the testing is to build software for future research endeavors. The research team also has no official relationship with Google at this time, either. 

Obviously there’s still a long way to go until we see Glass on the actual battlefield, but Google is clearly entering into a variety of markets with the product and it certainly has to be happy about that.

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