After screenshots landed on of a redesigned Gmail app that was reportedly in testing, we felt confident enough to report on additional details we received from sources about a “Google 2.0” redesign in the works. We also noted that Google was planning similar redesigns for some of its other apps that would make them more scalable for wearables and introduce additional gesture and voice features. Backing up our report, today,Geek posted another set of screenshots showing what is is apparently a similar redesign for Google’s Calendar app. 

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The redesigned Calendar app in the screenshots above is an even more noticeable overhaul than the earlier Gmail screenshots. Also included is a new Daily Agenda feature for getting an email of your day’s events, as well as birthdays from Google+ and new social features.

We’ll have to wait to find out for sure the above is something Google is testing or indeed its big redesign that sources have indicated is on the way. A couple more screenshots below:

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