It would be surprising if Google didn’t unveil a new Nexus device before the end of the year. Currently, the Nexus 10 is still out of stock and Google’s Nexus 5 is beginning to show its age. If anything, we hope to see a Nexus 6 in the near future, but Google might be working on a frugal Nexus smartphone as well.

According to Chinese site (via GforGames), Google may be working with chip maker MediaTek on a budget Nexus device that could be priced as low as $100. This could really shake things up in the mobile market and would be a direct competitor to ex-Google company Motorola and its Moto G smartphone. The Nexus line is already known for its low-priced devices with high-end specifications, but a $100 Nexus device could definitely broaden Google’s mobile market share.

According to Motorola’s Senior VP Rick Osterloh during an MWC 2014 event, “The Moto G has been the most successful, highest-selling smartphone in Motorola’s history.” It’s very possible that Google played an influential role in Motorola’s ability to bring the Moto G to life, and because of this, Google also saw the benefits.

With companies like Amazon and OnePlus pushing the limits of budget high-end smartphones, it would make sense for Google to join the party. Google also launched a Google Play Edition of the Moto G, which further proves that a low-priced Nexus device has a place in the world, because essentially, that’s exactly what this rumored MediaTek smartphone would be. It’s also possible that Google was simply looking into MediaTek to manufacture chips for a new phone, but could end up going with another chip provider in the future.

I believe we’ll see a few more Nexus devices roll out this year including a followup to the Nexus 10, the rumored LG-made Nexus 6, and as of now maybe a budget friendly Nexus device that would be similar to the Moto G in size and specifications. Now that Motorola has been acquired by Lenovo, it definitely makes sense for Google to follow the Moto G’s success with its own comparable Nexus smartphone.