We’ve already heard that HTC may possibly be working on a cheaper plastic version of its HTC One (M8), but how about a broader set of hues for its flagship smartphone? According to the often reliable @evleaks, the Taiwanese phone maker is preparing to reissue the M8 in red, blue and pink. Not too much else was shared about these colorful options, but this wouldn’t be the first time HTC decided to have a little fun with its color palette — remember the purple EVO 3D from Sprint?

Images of a red HTC One (M8) with Verizon branding recently hit the web, so it could very well be a carrier exclusive. As for the other two colors, if we had to guess, how about blue for AT&T and pink for T-Mobile? As for Sprint, the carrier managed to get a special Harman Kardon edition of the handset, so we’d say they’re already covered. 

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