Google is thinking about adding a new feature to Chrome OS that will give users advanced remote access to their devices. Internally known as “consumer management,” this work in progress will let people remotely lock, erase and locate their Chrome OS equipment. As of now, the feature isn’t available, but you can get a look at it by switching to the Dev channel, going into Dev mode and running a specific set of code.

If done correctly, you’ll gain access to an enrollment button that won’t do anything yet. The addition of remote device management has the potential to be a huge selling point for Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices. It would give consumers a peace of mind and would help put Google’s platform on a par with its competitors that already offer similar features.

If you’re a hardcore tinkerer who likes to stare at buttons that don’t work, head on over to the source link below for a complete overview of how to get a peek at what might be Chrome OS’ next big feature.

(via François Beaufort)

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