Motorola Mobility’s journey to becoming a Lenovo-owned company has been filled with changes, but it looks like some of Google’s influence may endure this transition. Pictured above is a purported shot of the long rumored Moto X+1. While the photo’s appearance is quite sketchy, it was posted on the Google+ page of Antony Cheng, a former Motorola product specialist, based out of Hong Kong.

As for the device in question, it falls in line with Motorola’s design language and bears a slight resemblance to the Moto X. Slightly different from its predecessor, this unannounced handset is rumored to feature a larger 5.2-inch display and if this image is legit, it also reveals a slightly redesigned front panel with a slimmer bezel. We’re definitely taking this photo with a grain of salt, but stranger things have happened. Whatever the case, the Moto X+1 name appears to be a real product — at least according to Motorola’s own website, however the company has yet to make any official announcements.

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