The US isn’t the only country making preparations for self-driving cars, the UK is in the process of revamping its laws to allow driverless vehicles to cruise its roads. Science minister David Willetts recently told Mail Online that he has started talking with the Department for Transport to help British companies develop their own self-driving cars, with efforts currently underway in Oxford.

Willetts’ plans have been publicly shared just a few short weeks after Google revealed its in-house developed autonomous vehicle that is free of traditional automobile hardware like a steering wheel, mirrors and pedals. So far only a handful of states in the US have given approval for self-driving cars and since these laws are so new, it’s likely that we may see some adjustments made along the way. Willetts says there’s already a British-made cheaper version of the driverless car compared to Google’s offering, but it’s currently in the process of being prepped for use in additional environments.

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