Google’s $35 Chromecast has slowly built up its app portfolio since it was released, and now the device looks like it will be getting another huge service implemented. According to a post on the official VideoLAN forum, discovered by GigaOM, VLC’s developers are currently working on implementing Chromecast support to its media player.

“In addition to the iOS variant, we are also working on a Windows / Linux / Mac implementation, which will take a bit longer because it’s harder.”

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The developers, in an email to GigaOM, added that Chromecast support will be included in the next update to the VLC iOS app, most likely in the next 4-6 weeks. Once the iOS version ships, the feature will be added to the Android app, as well. Desktop implementation is most likely taking longer because Google has yet to release an SDK for native apps on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Because of this, VLC developers would have to either reverse engineer the functionality or work to get VLC to play back within the Chrome browser.

Adding VLC support to the Chromecast is a pretty big deal and would make playing back local files incredibly easy. The best alternative to VLC at the moment is Plex, which isn’t the easiest to set-up for average users. VLC can play virtually every video format on the planet, as well. 

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