Oyster, a startup out of New York which lets you pay a subscription fee for access to books, has released an Android app after having been available on iOS since August of last year. It has appropriately gained a reputation of being the “Netflix of books,” allowing users to pay just $9.95 for unlimited access to over 500,000 ebooks, but also touts human curation as being one its most important features.

The CPO of the company, Willem Van Lancker, had this to say regarding the Android design process in an email with TechCrunch:

“When designing for Android you have to take numerous screen sizes into account (over 4,000 to be exact) so building a responsive typographic system is critical. To take on this challenge, we redesigned our reader from the ground up — including a reworking of typography, the introduction of a new color system, and improvements to text sizes, margins, and more.”

The app is also shipping with a few more interesting new features such as the ability to turn the pages of a book using the volume rocker, a quick glance at how long it will take to read a book on average, and new sets of fonts and themes. The app is available now for Kindle Fire, Nook and all other current Android devices. Head over to Google Play to grab the app for free.

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