YouTube may be in the process of starting its own music service, however the Google-owned company will soon be making the jump to radio as well. Yep, you read that correctly. Earlier today, Mountain View’s video streaming platform announced that it has made a deal with SiriusXM that will bring tracks from some of its featured up-and-coming recording artist to a weekly show aptly named YouTube 15.

Set to air on Sirius’ Hits 1 station, the series will be hosted by famed YouTuber Jenna Marbles, starting on July 11th. The idea is for this new show to help independent acts get more exposure from a broader audience. The show’s weekly set will be based on music that’s hot and trending on YouTube, so content will definitely vary. Between this and its forthcoming music service, Google seems to have bigger plans for what started from a trip to the zoo.

(via Reuters)

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