LeBron James dunk

Eight days ago, NBA star LeBron James became a free agent. The sports world has since completely obsessed over awaiting for James’ to announce his decision to sign with Miami again, go back to Cleveland, or sign with another team altogether, and the Miami Heat player has made no effort to rush announcing his decision.

As Business Insider points out, Google Trends reveals which regions are most interested in the NBA star based on search frequency. If you view the regional interest results by subregion, Ohio beats out Florida with 98 searches in the state of his current team to 100 searches in the state of his former team.

google trends lebron james

Google Trends might have just slam dunked this one, too, as the NBA all-star just announced through Sports Illustrated that he is indeed returning to his old team in Cleveland. Nice job, Google!

(Image via Business Insider)

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