While it’s not taking on the iPad directly this time around, Samsung has posted another set of ads for the Galaxy Tab S showing off the device’s Super AMOLED display and the device’s side-by-side app multitasking features. Like it’s been doing with all of its US ads for its Galaxy devices, Samsung focuses on features the competition, namely the iPad, doesn’t yet have.

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The side-by-side multitasking feature for apps is something other tablets are rumored to be soon introducing and Samsung loves shouting about the admittedly good looking Super AMOLED display that you won’t find on the competition’s tablets as of yet.

Interestingly, while it often compares its devices next to Apple device in its TV advertising, Samsung hasn’t yet done so for the Super AMOLED display and opted to compare it with an unnamed Android tablet with LCD. In a recent ad, Samsung directly mocked the iPad Air in an ad for its Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1.

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