A new app has appeared in the official Glassware directory today, bringing you the ability to easily view the latest radar information on Google Glass. Whether you’re commuting to work or out for a bike ride, this app available to you in an instant gives you a quick glance at stormy weather in your vicinity.

Aptly named MyRadar Weather Radar and sporting a full-fledged app on both an iOS and Android, the company behind the app seemingly thought that bringing its service to the wearable form factor would be quite useful. Sadly, though, the app doesn’t interact with its smartphone counterparts — and it’s definitely not as capable feature-wise.

The app is actually quite simple, and for wearables, that approach seems to work quite well (after all, Glass is supposed to get out of the way, right?). To launch MyRadar on Glass, just say “OK Glass, Show the weather,” and you’ll see an animated radar screen based on your current location. As described on the app’s Glassware directory page:

MyRadar is a fast and to-the-point weather Glassware that displays animated weather radar around your current location. Just say “Show the weather”, and your location pops up with animated weather, allowing you to easily see just what weather is coming your way.

As goes with all official Glassware, you can grab MyRadar completely free. You can find it in the MyGlass companion app for Android and iOS — or you can just toggle it on over at its directory listing.

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