July 18, 2014


Today, Google’s Senior Director of Global Enterprise Marketing, Chris Farinacci, announced that the search giant moved over 1 million Chromebooks through its Google for Education program during Q2 of 2014. Part of the company’s success is based on school districts and teachers using Google’s alternative laptops and software as tools to educate students.

David Andrade, Chief Information Officer of Bridgeport Public Schools recently shared in a blog post that his district has adopted 9,000 Chromebooks paired with Apps for Education and has a goal to bring Google’s low-cost notebooks to every classroom for grades 4th through 12th.

One of the main reasons Bridgeport chose Chromebooks over more traditional computers was due to their affordability and the fact that they required little to no maintenance. Andrade claimed that he could purchase three Chromebooks for the price of a single desktop, while reducing the strain on his district’s IT team. With hardware destined to become cheaper, Chromebooks are more likely to look more appealing to schools struggling to maintain their facilities.

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