Between smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, Samsung has plenty of mobile products that it wants you to buy. Of course, each of the aforementioned gizmos come with its own unique chargers, but keeping up with cables for multiple devices while out and about can be a bit of a pain. Aware of your plight, Samsung has created a specialized cable equipped with three micro-USB plugs.

Listed as “coming soon” on Samsung’s retail website, the $40 Multi-Charging Charger is now available to pre-order. Powered by a 2-amp charging unit, the device equally distributes power across multiple gadgets: two amps for a single device, one amp per device when two are attached and 667mA when all three plugs are in use. If you’re heavily invested in Samsung’s ecosystem and trying to avoid clutter, this pricey cable might make a decent traveling companion. However, if you don’t mind using aftermarket accessories, there are plenty of alternative solutions already available.

(via BGR)

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