The Moto 360, which officially went on sale for the first time earlier today, is now sold out at The watch was available today via at least three main outlets including the Google Play Store, Best Buy’s website, and Motorola’s official outlet, but it seems that at the time of this writing the device is listed as out of stock at all three.

But the more unfortunate news here isn’t that it’s sold out—because, frankly, that was expected—but that Motorola also says that availability of the device may be “limited for a while.” We don’t quite know yet how long “a while” might be, but it’s obvious that this device may be under some amount of high demand for quite some time.

Ridiculously, many eBay sellers are trying to make a quick buck and are selling the device at prices upwards of $400-$500. No matter how much you want to get your hands on this beautiful piece of smartwatch hardware, I think it’s safe to say that within several days we should see the device becoming more available across the web.

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