T-Mobile is currently selling the Moto 360 via its website for $250, however qualified customers can buy the smartwatch for no money down under a monthly payment plan ($10.41 for 23 months; $10.56 for 24th month) if you sign up for one of the carrier’s Simple Choice plans. If you’re not a fan of online shopping, Motorola’s Android Wear-powered timepiece will debut at T-Mobile retail locations, alongside the LG G Watch R on November 19th.


LG’s new smartwatch will set you back $300 outright, but the magenta-hued carrier is also selling it under its monthly purchase program with a $50 upfront cost.

If you’re interested in either one of these devices, check out our review of the Moto 360 and our hands-on with the LG G Watch R for a closer look at what both watches have to offer.

(via T-Mobile)

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