Google wants you and your friends to use Wallet. Like, really badly. So much in fact, the company is running a cash-driven promo to motivate the service’s users. If you use Mountain View’s money service to send cash (even a penny) to a friend who doesn’t have a Google Wallet balance yet, the company will hit you and your amigo with a $5 kickback.

This offer is only available to residents of the US and in the interest of good form, you and your new recruit will both need to verify your identities. The offer is set to end after Google receives its first 20,000 referrals or November 30th, whichever happens first. Eligible participants will receive their $5 within three business days and can continue milking this promotion for up to $100. Anything after that is on the house.

So with this promo set to end in less than two weeks and the holiday season in full swing, you might want to start digging for some not-so tech savvy friends who have an appreciation for cash. Allow us to provide a little mood music to motivate your search.

(via Google Support)

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