An anonymous source today sent two images to GSMArena showing off what is allegedly the unannounced Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. From surface level inspection it looks plausible that this is a legitimate leak. Samsung went with a different typeface and branding for the Galaxy S6 line, and comparing the lettering and font of the words to that of the S6 it looks like this phone is at least similar to the main flagship in that regard.

Of note is that like the Galaxy S5 Active, the home button with fingerprint sensor as well as the capacitive back and multitasking buttons have been replaced with a set of rugged buttons. This all but rules out the possibility that the Galaxy S6 Active will sport a fingerprint sensor—but neither did the Galaxy S5 Active so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For the niche group who really want a smartphone which can take a beating under varying conditions while still sporting “premium” features, the compromise should be a reasonable one.

The source of the images also indicated that the Galaxy S6 Active will pack a 3,500mAh battery—compared to the 2,600mAh battery of the standard Galaxy S6—and will have a model number of M-G890A. If we’re basing our predictions off of how the Galaxy S5 Active differed from the standard Galaxy S5, then the Galaxy S6 Active should reasonably sport the same specifications as the Galaxy S6, save for the fingerprint sensor of course.