We told you back in March when the first Material-redesigned beta of Nova Launcher came out, but now Kevin Barry, the app launcher’s creator, has officially released the new Nova Launcher on its stable channel…

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As he shared on Google+:

Finally a stable release! After 8 months of development, 14 private alphas and 16 public betas, #materinova is finally ready for stable release. With this update, Nova Launcher fully embraces Material Design and Lollipop.

As you may remember from the original beta release, this version packs a lot of features on top of being Lollipop and Material Design-ready. There are brand new functional improvements including previews in settings, better control over desktop icon layout, drawers and folders, a new grouped widget picker, and more. As we noted before, the update packs a new icon, new Nova Action icons, and a new Google Search bar that shows as an overlay.

But this release isn’t just a move of the most recent beta to the stable channel. Kevin says he also packed in a few goodies to make this new version a little more exciting, including “three bundles wallpapers in the wallpaper picker” and a new “Circle App Animation” (which can be found at Nova Settings > Look and Feel > App Animation > Circle).

You can get the stable release of Nova Launcher 4.0 on the Play Store for free.

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