Microsoft has this morning launched the smartphone counterpart of its previously tablet-only word processing suite for Android. Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on the Play Store have now—appropriately—ditched the “for Tablet” part of their name, and beta testers now have access to these apps with smartphone support baked right in…

At the moment it seems that these are simply scaled-down versions of the previously available apps, but we’re digging in to see if there’s any notable additions. To get access to the apps, head over to Microsoft’s website and sign up to become a beta tester by joining the Microsoft Office for Android community. Then, you can become a tester for each app by clicking these links: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It might take a little while for Google Play to propagate permissions, but once this has happened, you can follow the below download links to get access to the smartphone versions of Microsoft’s Office apps. They’re all free to download:

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