Samsung has been teasing its Iron Man-themed Galaxy S6 Edge for quite some time now, and today the Korean company finally came out to show the world what the device has to offer. The Iron Man Galaxy S6 edge variant features a primarily gold and red design, 64 GB of flash storage, a clear back cover, special packaging, custom Iron Man software, and most of all, a wireless charger that looks a lot like an Arc Reactor.

While the most stark (heh) change is its red and black paint job, the device also sports a decently-sized Iron Man logo stamped on its back, along with the removal of the usual “Galaxy S6 edge” tramp stamp. The packaging features the same logo. I would have been cool, personally, with just stopping there. But of course “Avengers: Age of Ultron is now showing” is plastered basically everywhere—as was probably the terms of the deal.

Check out the video below:

Samsung says that the device is launching in South Korea tomorrow, with sales being expanded to China and Hong Kong sometime late next month. As for the US, there’s no word yet.

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