The Galaxy S6 Active has been leaked several times already, but now the well-connected Evleaks has posted another press render of the device. The first press render shared last month showed the device with a camouflage backing that, while lending credit to the rugged nature of the device, didn’t exactly come across as the most well designed look for a smartphone.

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This evening’s leak shows the Galaxy S6 Active without the camouflage backing and with a more, as Evleaks describes it, “tasteful” plain black look. All of the other aspects of the device are the same as the earlier leaks. The fingerprint sensor found on the normal Galaxy S6 is nowhere to be found on the Active model. The buttons are still rugged and physical, as opposed to the capacitive design of the normal variant.

As far as specs go, the Galaxy S6 Active is expected to be identical to the Galaxy S6 announced earlier this year. The battery, however, is expected to be slightly larger at 3500mAh compared to the 2600mAh battery found in the original device. There’s still no word on when Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6 Active, but with the device already having received FCC approval, a launch shouldn’t be too far off.

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