The upcoming Hangouts 4.0 update was shown off by Android Police yesterday, but now the publication is sharing images of its Android Wear counterpart—something that, for some, might be even more exciting than the full app. It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Google is finally preparing to officially bring its popular messaging platform to the wrist…

True Hangouts support is something that has long been missing from Android Wear. With version 4.0 of Hangouts, though, which has yet to be released, you’ll find a new Hangouts app on your watch. You can scroll through and browse all of your message threads, reply to messages, and scroll through the entire history of any given conversation. At the top of the messages list, there’s a static green bar that lets you switch between accounts.

Sadly, it looks like photos in your message threads don’t show up (although maybe this is for the best considering battery life, screen size, and general usability). Rather, the app will tell you if the person on the other end has “Sent a photo” and when.

Moving on, the reply screen will allow you speak a voice reply, send an emoji (you get to draw one, like you can do with the current SMS app in Android Wear), or pick from some pre-chosen replies. You get the standard options like “Ok,” “Yes,” “No,” and “Love you” alongside a couple of different quick-access emoji.

And as for the question that is probably on most readers’ minds: Will the app be able to send off a Hangouts message using voice commands? According to Android Police, the app currently does something when you tell it to send a message via Hangouts. At the moment, it appears as if that feature is broken, though, so time will tell whether or not it makes it into the 4.0 release. Hopefully the app update isn’t far out.

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