Skype Android

Microsoft has released an updated version of Skype for Android today that delivers both a visual refresh to several parts of the app as well as performance improvements throughout.

Skype 5.6 for Android introduces changes to how both chats and friends are presented. For example, the new update now makes it clear which Skype contacts are actually online whether you’re looking at your favorites, recents, or full list of friends and colleagues. Skype avatars are also fully embracing round avatars completely with this update to add what it calls a “simpler and more consistent look and feel.”

Chats are improved as the recent tab now presents more conversations in the same view. Microsoft says this is intended to make it easier to manage multiple conversations at the same time. Conversation bubbles within chats are tweaked slightly to make text more legible in the update while sent and received messages now use different colors to be more distinguished.

Microsoft says the Skype 5.6 for Android also includes the usual big fixes and performance improvements to make the app more stable so you’ll want to update to┬áthe new version of course. You can grab the latest version of Skype for Android for free on the Google Play Store.

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