While the new Moto 360 has been pretty much completely leaked at this point, the new Android Wear device’s announcement date — although assumed to be sometime during IFA — has been largely a mystery. One publication claimed that September 8th would be the date, and now a new promotional image shared by Lenovo seems to corroborate that information…

As you can see below, Lenovo appropriately used the “It’s time” slogan alongside a very familiar image of the new Moto 360. The device shown appears to be the smaller variant, and looks identical to one we saw in the leaked renders from yesterday. As you can see, the banner seems to tout September 8th as the date for its unveiling, which is the second to last official day of IFA.

Recently, the original Moto 360 was removed from Motorola’s website, we got some in-the-flesh looks at both the larger “Moto 360L” and smaller “Moto 360S,” and the most recent images show the back of the device and even more details. Sadly, as we’ve seen in countless leaks (and the fact that the ocean is very appropriately placed in the image below), the device still has the “flat tire.”

We’ll see come September 8th, if this banner is to be believed.


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