The Nextbit Robin is a beautifully designed Android phone with an interesting take on storage. The Kickstarter backed project will be shipping GSM units to its first thousand backers on February 16th, while the rest will receive their devices by the end of February.

While the phone itself has 32GB of storage, Nextbit wants users to store all apps, photos, and other data in the cloud. Users who purchase the phone are given 100GB in a cloud locker. Whenever the phone is plugged in and on Wi-Fi, it performs a backup. When space on the device is getting low, it archives the things you use the least.

The Robin uses a Snapdragon 808 processor and has 3GB of RAM. It features a 5.2-inch 1080p IPS display with a Gorilla Glass 4 screen. The company touts the 13MP camera on the phone and gives users the option to shoot in RAW. Other specs include a 5MP front facing camera, 2,680mAh battery with fast charging, dual front facing stereo speakers, and a fingerprint sensor.

Users can still preorder the device until January 15th for $399. After that date, the company plans to focus on delivering the orders they already have. Nextbit amassed 3,611 Kickstarter backers and a further 3,734 after the deadline ended.

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