9to5Google’s Cam Bunton had a less than stellar Samsung support experience with the otherwise great Galaxy S7 Edge in case you haven’t read. In order to improve its customer experience, however, the company is launching a major update to the Samsung+ support app that adds a remote assistance feature.

Samsung Assist is similar to the MayDay feature found on Amazon’s line of Fire tablets. Customer support will be able to video chat or call you while they remotely control your device to fix issues or walk you through various tasks. Users will have to grant initial access to their phones and provide additional permissions if support is dealing with areas of the device that have personal information, like the camera roll or email.

Other features include a diagnostics tool to check for hardware issues and the usual support forums and FAQs. The app also has integration with local carriers around the world for easy call transfer in case your device needs to be replaced. Samsung also wants the app to provide support for more than just smartphones and tablets. Users can access a full list of other Samsung appliances and gadgets complete with manuals.

The Assist feature is initially available on the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge with other Galaxy devices and tablets receiving it through carrier updates over the coming weeks. In the mean time, users on other devices can video chat, call, or text with support. Samsung+ is preloaded on some carrier versions of the S7 and can also be installed from the Play Store.

Image via The Verge

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