We are just a little over a week away from the official unveiling of HTC‘s last flagship smartphone, the so-called “10“, and despite the enormous amount of leaks regarding design, performance and even the phone’s wallpapers, the company seems confident in its new product, keeping us teased with various information about the device.

In a tweeted video released today, HTC addressed its commitment towards “tuning the highest-quality sound possible”, in order to deliver what it describes as “the best BoomSound yet”…

We knew that the company was working on a BoomSound-enabled smartphone, but the design choice of repositioning the iconic front-facing speakers towards the bottom — a probable derivative of the company’s One A9 model — seemed both unreasonable and quite frankly a downgrade.

The sole fact that (if we stay true to the leaked images) the audio will now come from the chin of the phone — and thus not fire directly at your face — should make one wonder how HTC envisions that as a positive change, let alone the seeming presence of one speaker grill only, which makes it unclear whether this ‘BoomSound’ will actually have a stereo configuration.

As HTC says, however, “we will hear it”, and eventually give (or give not) them credit for their self-declared “obsession”.

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