Update: The new app also lets users share reports with anyone.

Google’s Analytics app has finally been updated to bring it up to date with the all-important Marshmallow-ified version of the Material Design ethos introduced originally with Android Lollipop. That means the top status bar blends in to the color scheme of the app which is now (mostly) bright orange.

I guess it’s fair to say that either the Analytics Android app hasn’t been a big priority, or that it’s used so infrequently that no one noticed the update hadn’t landed sooner, or both. Regardless, version 3.0 for Android is being rolled out, and has the new design and a new logo to go with it.

As you’d expect from any app with Material Design, Analytics now features a very clean and minimal card-based design. But instead of the gray background and top toolbar of the previous version, it’s more of an off-white background with a large, solid orange toolbar.

Each useful metric is broken down into its own separate card, whether that’s the real-time count of users on a particular site, breakdown of devices and platforms, or just an overview of a week’s traffic.

You can use preset timescales as you could previously to see any given timescale to monitor and compare your site’s performance, whether that’s the past week, just a single day, a month or any custom date range. In short: Functionality is practically unchanged, it just looks prettier than it did before.

As for the logo change, the new design brings it in line with the new AdSense logo launched a few months ago and joins the new Play apps logos in making Google’s apps much more modern and vibrant in coloring and style.

You can download the Analytics app from the Play Store,

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