Back in 2014, Google introduced add-ons to Docs and Sheets that allowed third-party apps to build extra functionality into Drive. Add-ons are now coming to Google Drive on Android with several apps, like DocuSign and Scanbot, already updated with the new seamless integration. All third-party developers will likely be able to build their own integrations in the future.

Add-ons bring extra functionality to a Docs or Sheets document without having to open a separate app. For example, activating the DocuSign add-on allows users to virtually sign a document, while Scanbot converts scanned documents in Drive into editable text. Three years later, there is a bustling ecosystem of add-ons on the web from thesauruses to graphical calculators.

On Android, the app functionality and access flow is similar. After downloading the corresponding third-party app, it will appear in the new Add-ons section located in the overflow menu of a Docs or Sheets file. Tapping it will send the current document a user is working to the third-party apps to finish. It’s very similar to how the current system Share menu work in Android.

At the moment, Google has worked with the following nine partners: DocuSign, ProsperWorks, AppSheet, Scanbot, PandaDoc, ZohoCRM, Teacher Aide, EasyBib and Google Classroom. Future apps with Google Drive add-ons will show up in this Play Store collection. Presumably, more third-party apps will be able to integrate Drive Add-ons without needing to work directly with Google.

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