Just a few days after we caught our first glimpse at the Nexus Launcher, Action Launcher 3 developer Chris Lacy has already updated his popular launcher to include just about every major feature and the style of the new launcher, so let’s all give him a quick round of applause.

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Digging into the details a bit, Action Launcher 3.9 brings along all of the main styles from the Nexus Launcher from the Google “pill” to the new app drawer style. After just a couple of days worth of development, I must say I’m pretty impressed. I especially like that the new clock style and the “pill” can be added as their own individual widgets. The full changelog for the update follows with a video below showing off the update in action (all puns intended).

3.9-beta 1 change log:

  • Alpha integration of Nougat’s rumored revamped All Apps. Swipe up on the dock to reveal All Apps, or continue to use your existing All Apps shortcut. Must be enabled via Settings -> App drawers -> Nougat style (Alpha).
  • Add caret (^) page indicator (“Nougat style (Alpha)” option must be enabled).
  • Add tinted dock plate (“Nougat style (Alpha)” option must be enabled).
  • Add combined Google “pill” and date widget.
  • Add Google “pill” as standalone widget.
  • Add date widget.

One thing to keep in mind regarding this update is that it is not currently available to the public. Lacy estimates at least 2 weeks until the full rollout, but it will be available through the beta channel very soon. You can find more details on that on Lacy’s announcement post.

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