From running several services with billions of users to now designing and making hardware, Google still does a whole lot even after the Alphabet re-organization. To better showcase all that they do, Google now has a nicer looking ‘Our products‘ section of their About page.

Featuring Material Design, the page is quite packed with information despite its relatively simple nature. Marquee products revolving around Google Assistant, including Pixel, Home, and Allo are shown in a carousel at the very top of the page.

Underneath, apps and services are split into categories like “Get answers,” “Stay connected across screens,” “Stay in touch,’ and more for consumer products, while more professional focussed ones like “Work smarter” and “Grow your business” also get a nod.

Each section features four services, complete with screenshots of the Android app (weirdly taken on an old Nexus 6), an icon, link to get started, and a convenient link to support. Recent hardware products are grouped under “Do more with devices made by Google.”

At the bottom of the page, there is a “See all products” section which shows icons grouped under All, Business, and Developers.

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