Over the past year or so YouTube has slowly been separating itself from Google+ following the merger the two went through a few years ago. A while back, YouTube comments were completely separated from Google+, and other components have also been swapped over time. Now, YouTube is testing a new notifications system which is completely independent of Google+…

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The new notifications system, which is rolling out now for some users in typical Google A/B testing fashion, replaces the previous Google+ notifications system with YouTube-only notifications. The streamlined experience puts the focus on your subscriptions, sending a new notification each time a channel you are subscribed to uploads a new video as long as you’ve enabled notifications for that channel.

It’s unclear if this new notifications panel will also show comment notifications for content creators, but from the looks of it, this seems like it will only service subscriptions. The settings icon in the panel directs users to the notifications section of YouTube’s settings where they can enable or disable notifications on a channel-by-channel basis.

This test is still rolling out and won’t show up for everyone just yet. However, if you are seeing this and don’t like it, you can go back to the previous version by clearing your cookies in your browser.


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