Last year, Android TV came to Italy in form of a digital decoder from internet VOD provider TIMvision. At CES 2017, Dish TV is using Google’s large screened OS to to power the AirTV Player, a single streaming device that combines local over-the-air channels, on-demand streaming, and other internet video services.

Hardware-wise, the AirTV Player can stream up to 4K UHD with the highlight feature of the small blue puck actually being the remote. The box even features a dedicated ‘Find your remote’ button on the face to beep and light up the dual tone controller if you ever lose it.

A universal remote for the AirTV Player, TV, and any other home entertainent device, the controller features a microphone for Android TV’s standard voice search. Besides the standard D-Pad and volume controls, there are shortcuts to a TV guide, favorites, and dedicated Netflix and Google buttons.

Dish touts the guide as an “easy-to-navigate place” that brings all your content together for easier and faster browsing. As an Android-powered device, users will of course also have access to the Google Play Store’s full range of streaming apps and games.

The standalone box is available for $99 today and includes $50 of Sling credit. To get local OTA channels, users need to buy an adaptor available as a $129 bundle.

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